Markets are not efficient. Humans do not make rational nor optimal investment decisions. Even professionals admit to being motivated most by non-investment factors.

Interesting media property here…could use more on investing?

Like Robert Prechter waited until the 2002 bottom to release his Conquer the Crash book, Martin Armstrong also selects cycle dates to hold his conferences.

Notice how many of his cycles point to a lot of volatility on the end of March 2014.

Cruz showed no mercy in exposing Republican leaders to widespread criticism from their primary challengers over a procedural vote on the debt limit after their pronouncements about the imperative of spending cuts. It could have been a simple 50-vote requirement, with Democrats delivering the votes to lift the debt limit, but Cruz insisted.

Pressed after the vote about what he made his leaders do, Cruz was unapologetic.

Daneric: Elliott Wave Wilshire Cycle a-b complete, c you much lower

Daneric: Elliott Wave Wilshire Cycle a-b complete, c you much lower

doesnt portend well for American large cap blue chips

doesnt portend well for American large cap blue chips

John Murphy: “Plunge in EM Causes Global Downturn in Stocks” The true AVOIS is here

John Murphy: “Plunge in EM Causes Global Downturn in Stocks” The true AVOIS is here

The author of what I call “The New Testament of Security Analysis” walks you through how his process evolves over time.

Correlations change, and al currencies float freely amongst the others - so intermarket awareness of relationships is paramount.

If the quality of government institutions really is the secret to future riches, the global economy— and in particular the world’s poorest people—could be in for a great few decades.

What Thomas Friedman and Niall Ferguson don’t understand about the rest of the world -

How the absence of grift equals quality government exists beyond my mental equations…so many more variables need to be addressed than this to define quality governments.

There are a lot more horrific bites to spit out in this article - enough to excite Nassim Taleb in his normal causal relationship rant - like:

all the people in human history who ever reached the age of sixty-five, half are alive now, reflecting considerably improved global trends in adult health as well.

(actually, it reflects only longer life spans)

I just bought the Z10 after being on iPhone for a few years. Before that I was a Palm Treo and another Palm whose name escapes me.

Love the software and the usability, and am keenly aware I may have traded up in data security and down in “coolness”

You might have a hard time getting your hands on the Z10 to try it out - I bought mine on the recommendation of Karl Denniger and my online research.

I love the Hub!  I find it much more useful than the iOS alerts in that it is easier to compose and interact among all the social networks from one interface.

Is Blackberry the new Palm? Probably. but if you value data security then it is really the ONLY retail choice.

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The bombshell isn’t that the (security) flaw was suspected, it is that…the NSA paid RSA to make the code breakable — on purpose.

So, They Lied (The NSA, That Is — Again) in [Market-Ticker]

This could be the most evil NSA item performed and come to light thus far. My gut says The RSA was not complicit since they have their brand name and business on the line.


I am a fan of Man and God. I am a fan of capitalism. JPM Chase and their ilk who underwrote faulty mortgage backed securities (MBS) sinned against man.

Sound like hyperbole? I disagree - the MBS in question was the financial engineering equivalent of gift wrapping a turd. It fostered “liquidity”, which was and is still misunderstood as “market demand” that other used as collateral to make NINJA loans of more houses.

The million dollar settlements of BofA and Wells? Chump change. As the political will to bring down those guiilty of fraud grows, expect banks and congresspersons to face more of these large fines.